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01 - Chris Chan

March 2nd, 2017


Sitting down to chat with Chris Chan of Dwello was like sitting down with Elon Musk of Tesla to talk about electric cars, and then finding out that it’s not about the cars at all, it’s about the batteries.

Batteries that are going to change the world.

Dwello is like Tesla, but for the world of rental payments and reporting.

Emphasis on the reporting part.

On the surface, Dwello makes it easier for tenants to pay landlords, and for landlords to manage their properties.

But beneath this really awesome concept, is an even more awesome concept which is going to revolutionize the way that Canadians think about credit reports and credit scores.

Please join me as I chat with Chris Chan, Managing Principal of Dwello, about how he’s helping Canadians pay rent, and ultimately improve their credit along the way.


2 - Cato Pastoll and Brandon Vlaar


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