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79 - Ellen Roseman

April 25th, 2019


Ellen Roseman has been sticking up for Canadians as an advocate for consumer rights for the past 35 years.

If you’re interested in Canadian personal finance, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already read something written by Ellen Roseman.

Ellen’s been a personal finance and consumer advocacy columnist at the Toronto Star for over 20 years and though she officially retired from the Star in 2015, Ellen agreed to stay on in a freelance capacity to write a weekly column, featuring consumer issues she believes will have the most impact for Canadians.

Ellen has written 8 books, including Money 101, Money 201 and her latest book Fight Back: 81 ways to help you save money and protect yourself from corporate trickery.

Ellen also teaches investing and personal finance courses at the University of Toronto Continuing Studies and currently sits on the board as co-chair of the Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights, which we talk more about in the episode.

Ellen joined me in the studio in Hamilton to tell her personal finance story.


80 - Michael Kruse


78 - Owen Winkelmolen

April 18th, 2019


Owen Winkelmolen wants you to talk to someone...anyone...before you make any investment decisions.

Ideally it would be someone in the personal finance realm. A coach like me, or a financial planner or advisor.

But please just talk to someone, because if you do, you might save yourself from making the huge financial mistake Owen made in his late twenties.

You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out exactly what happened, but let’s just say it was a bad enough experience that Owen decided to start learning as much as he could about personal finance which ultimately led to the creation of his company

Owen joined me in the studio in Hamilton to tell his personal finance story.


79 - Ellen Roseman


77 - Saijal Patel

April 11th, 2019


Saijal Patel wants you to know that women are 80% more likely to live in poverty in retirement than men.

This is a terrible statistic. Seriously, why is anyone living in poverty in retirement.

If someone is retired, that means they have either worked at a job or a business their whole life, or have supported someone else who worked, in one way or another.

And this person now gets to live in poverty? Why is this acceptable?

Saijal doesn’t think it’s acceptable. She started a company called Saij Elle where she helps women build the right money mindset and skills so they can own their financial independence and achieve true financial wellness.

And the thing about Saijal is that she comes from the business world, and knows how to talk to businesses as well as individuals. She knows that the system itself needs to be changed, and one of her mandates is to encourage businesses to build effective financial wellness programs.

Financial wellness takes a village and everyone has to be on board: individuals, companies, the media and the financial industry.

There is a shift in the way personal finance is being delivered to the public and Saijal is leading the way by helping reduce the money stigma and shame many women feel every day.

Saijal joined me in the studio in Hamilton to tell her personal finance story.


78 - Owen Winkelmolen


76 - Beau Humphreys

April 4th, 2019


For this episode, the host becomes the guest and my wife becomes the host!

I decided that after 75 episodes it was time to become the guest and tell my story.

I’ve talked a lot on the show about my history with addiction but just bits and pieces here and there.

I asked my wife, Kaila, if she would take over as the host for an episode and she agreed!

We talked about how I got into my gambling addiction, how I got out of it, and what I learned about personal finance, and life in general, along the way.

It all started with a Super Nintendo…


77 - Saijal Patel



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