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18 - Amélie Arras

February 8th, 2018


For the Money 20/20 Payments Race in October 2017, Amélie Arras chose bitcoin as her method of payment and made her way from Toronto to Las Vegas in a week.


Imagine you’re visiting Europe for the first time.

For some reason you didn’t think to buy any Euros before you left home. You are Canadian, so all you have is Canadian dollars on you.

You find out that things have changed recently in Europe and there is no longer a way to exchange your Canadian dollars for Euros.

Your only option is to try to find businesses and people who will accept your Canadian dollars.

You’ll need food so you start by asking at various restaurants, and each one says, sorry, we don’t accept Canadian dollars.

You have internet access so you’re able to search for the Canadian community in the city you are in. You eventually find someone who agrees to take your Canadian dollars in exchange for some food and transport to your hotel.

But not every city in Europe will be like this.

Luckily you have some hotels pre-booked, but for most everything else you’re going to have to figure it out along the way.

This is what it’s like to travel with only Bitcoin.


Somehow, using only bitcoin, Amélie won the payments race.

Amélie joined me from the UK to tell her bitcoin story.


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