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COVID-19 Weekly Update 12

June 14th, 2020



Week 12 of the COVID-19 series features Kassandra Dasent.

Kassandra currently lives in Florida, was born in Trinidad and grew up in Canada (Montreal).

In this episode we discuss Kassandra's experience with COVID-19 so far, and how it has affected her ability to see her mother in Montreal, and her step-child in Trinidad.  We also discuss the current anti-racist protests around the world, Kassandra's experience with explicit and implicit racism in her own life, and what we can all do to help change the way Black people are viewed in the US, Canada and everywhere.

Kassandra will be back to tell her personal finance story on a future episode, but in the meantime, if you want to hear her story, please check out these podcast episodes:

For more about the Black Tax, check out this interview on Journey To Launch with Shawn Rochester:

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