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COVID-19 Weekly Update 3

April 12th, 2020


In the third weekly episode of the COVID-19 series, Beau calls Australia to speak to Michelle from to discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has affected her life so far

  • How Australia and New Zealand are handling the pandemic

  • How Michelle's personal finances have been impacted

  • Financial independence and frugality

  • The live event industry and how it has been decimated

  • The importance of staying positive and taking care of your mental health during times like this

  • Building other forms of capital other than financial capital to help you adapt to changes in the world or your circumstances


Links to things Michelle mentioned in the episode:

Rich & Resilient Living blog - Looking Beyond Financial Capital on the Path to Financial Independence

Nomad Numbers - Nomad life during COVID-19: exiting Bali and home quarantining in Taiwan

Website & social links:

Twitter @FrugalityFreedm

Instagram @FrugalityandFreedom

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