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COVID-19 Weekly Update 4

April 19th, 2020


Week 4 of the COVID-19 series features Jordon Cox of the UK.  Beau and Jordon discuss:

-Jordon's trip to Disneyworld that was cut short and for which he's still trying to get some money back

-His recent health issues and how that affects his susceptibility to the virus

-How the UK is handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the rules in place to protect the British people

-How 1/3 of the National Health Service (NHS) workers have been compromised by COVID-19 and the system is overwhelmed.

-How the pandemic has affected Jordon's ability to make money and what financial relief exists in the UK

-That a podcast host should never ask this question during a lockdown: "Where is your boyfriend now?"

-How the British people are excellent at queuing(standing in lines) which is very evident during a pandemic.

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