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COVID-19 Weekly Update 8

May 17th, 2020


Week 8 of the COVID-19 series features my cousin Jay who lives in Berlin, Germany.

Every week during the pandemic Beau will find someone in a different part of the world with a different personal pandemic experience to share their perspective and tell their story for others to hear. 

In this episode Jay shares his COVID-19 experience so far in Germany, where he currently lives with my cousin Liz and their son Hudson.  Jay works for a company called HERE Technologies and Liz is an experienced travel writer, having most recently researched and written for 20 Fodor's guidebooks over the last 8 years.

For Jay, Liz and Hudson, travel is their way of life.  Though they are ok financially during this pandemic and acknowledge their privilege in this regard, this doesn't diminish the fact that they may have to rethink how they live and earn in the "new normal" that emerges after the COVID-19 dust has settled.  

(As we discussed in the episode, Hudson has his own Instagram account called Hudson in Hotels and can be found here:

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