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30 - Hamza Khan

May 3rd, 2018


Hamza Khan had a toxic relationship with money.

Obsessing about saving and spending caused a lot of stress in his family when he was young, so when he started making his own money, he just didn’t want to go there at all.

But when you’re not paying attention to your finances, things can get out of hand, even if you’re making good money.

During this time, Hamza was also experiencing what he now realizes was burnout.

Driven by his need to prove to his family that he could be successful in the world of marketing, he would forego sleep and work insane hours to achieve as much as possible.

But a series of troubling incidents led him to question his way of doing things.

This introspection ultimately led him to write his new book “The Burnout Gamble”. Hamza joined me to talk about burnout, productivity, freedom, mental health and his personal finance story.

“If a budget for your money is a reflection of your priorities, then your calendar is a reflection of your most valuable resource, which is time.” - Hamza Khan


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