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89 - J. Money

July 4th, 2019


J. Money wants you to know that Budgets Are Sexy.

That’s the title of the personal finance blog that he started 11 years ago, and even though you may never think budgets are sexy, the point that J. is trying to get across is that personal finance doesn’t have to be boring.

In 2008 J. started posting monthly net worth updates in addition to his regular content. In 137 months, J. has grown his net worth from just under $59,000 to almost $920,000. And you don’t have to wonder how he did it. Just go to Budgets Are Sexy and click on the Net Worth link. You’ll see all 137 posts and can drill down on any one of them.

J. has always been about full disclosure, which is one of the main reasons he still remains anonymous. As we discuss in the interview, I have met him at FinCon, but I don’t know his last name or whether his first name is actually Jay or a name that starts with J and I don’t know where he lives.

Including Budgets Are Sexy, J.’s personal finance projects have reached over 30 million views, but most importantly, J. is just a great guy and we are lucky to have him in the personal finance community. If you like what you hear today, I recommend you sign up for J.’s daily emails. After 11 years, and now a father of 3, J. is still doing what he can to make personal finance fun and engaging.

J. Money joined me from an undisclosed location in the US to share his personal finance story.


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