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29 - John Kalos

April 26th, 2018


John Kalos worked in a bank for a long time.

Over the years he realized that the bank’s mandate was to sell products first and helping people took a back seat to this mandate.

He found himself in a situation where he was being told he had to sell investment products that weren’t right for his clients.

John had enough and decided he could be a financial planner on his own, without the bank forcing sales quotas on him. He could offer his clients the right products for them, based on their individual life situation and goals.

Once out on his own, he could so clearly see that people were still being taken advantage of by the banks, so he created his podcast “Confessions of an Ex-Banker”, which strives to inform Canadians about the important financial stuff that the banks won’t tell you, because it’s not going to help them sell more products.

John is very passionate about actually helping people, and not just selling them a product to get a commission, and then hanging them out to dry, which is unfortunately what many financial professionals have done in the past, leading to mistrust and skepticism of everyone in the personal finance business.

John joined me from Montreal, Quebec to tell his personal finance story and how he’s trying to help people achieve their financial goals.


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