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23 - Megan Nobrega

March 16th, 2018


Carrot Rewards is a free app for your smartphone or Fitbit that helps you earn your favourite reward points by making healthy lifestyle choices.

What if I told you that you would get a reward every time you went for a walk?

Ok, sometimes I'll reward myself by walking to the donut shop, but I'm not talking about that kind of reward.

My favourite part of the app is the steps section. It tracks the steps I take every day to come up with my average daily steps and then rewards me with a few points every day I exceed my average.

But healthy lifestyle choices aren't just about walking. As I discussed in episode 20 with Canada's Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney, financial wellness is just as important as physical and mental wellness.

And let's not forget environmental wellness which is about living a lifestyle that respects our surroundings. For all of these other wellness topics Carrot Rewards sends you offers in the form of quizzes and surveys within the app that take only a few minutes to complete.

Megan Nobrega introduced me to Carrot Rewards at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference in November 217 so I decided to visit her at her office and find out more about her personal finance story and how she ended up at Carrot.

Update: Carrot Rewards now has over 750,000 users in Canada!

P.S. Once you get the Carrot Rewards app, use my code to get bonus rewards: beauh1933


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