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15 - Randy Cass

January 14th, 2018


“Over a period of time it’s become incredibly difficult for any individual to stand in front of the data or the facts, and say that there is a defensible edge that I have in picking stocks, or creating strategies in this market that will outperform the passive indices.” - Randy Cass, NestWealth

Randy Cass is a professional investor.

After speaking to him for just a few minutes, it’s clear he knows investing. Randy spent years as an active portfolio manager making big money for big pension plans and institutions, managing their investment portfolios using complicated strategies that most people wouldn’t understand.

An active portfolio manager gets paid based on how well the portfolio does so it’s in their best interest to spend all their time coming up with the best ways to make money. Active portfolio managers work hard and it’s their full-time job, so people don’t mind paying them high management fees.

But what if you could get the same investment returns without paying the high management fees?

What if it turned out that there were passive investments, with very low management fees, that performed just as well as the high fee ones?

Over time, real data started to prove this was true. The high fees were good for the active managers but not for Canadian investors.

Randy eventually took a break from actively managing portfolios and became the host of BNN’s television show Market Sense. While at BNN conducting interviews and reporting on investment products, he realized that the majority of Canadians were still losing out on so much growth because of high fees, despite the fact that there were so many low fee options emerging.

Randy decided it was time to create a better way to help Canadians grow their money.

This is the story of Randy Cass and NestWealth.

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