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84 - Sandy Yong

May 30th, 2019


Sandy Yong wants everyone to learn about personal finance so that their future self can thank them for it.

Sandy figured out early on that if you give your money to the big banks, and don’t know what you want to invest in, they will choose the ones with the highest fees.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you went to a car dealership, and said here’s some money, I want a car, and didn’t give them any parameters like fuel efficiency, or speed, or size or anything, they would sell you the car that makes them the most money. In fact, if they didn’t do that, I would question if they are in the right business.

Sandy figured out that if she learned the basics of personal finance, she could invest her own money, have more control over her risk, and save a ton on fees.

She learned so much about personal finance that when the opportunity came up to publish a book, personal finance was the clear subject.

Sandy’s book, The Money Master, will be published in the summer of 2019.

It’s always great to have another voice in the personal finance community to help increase financial literacy and democratize personal finance.

Financial wellness is nearly impossible to achieve if you are having mental health issues. Recognizing this, Sandy has decided to donate $2 from every sale of her book to CAMH, The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. If you’ve heard my story of addiction and recovery, you know that this has a special meaning for me, so thank you Sandy for making this commitment.

Sandy joined me in the studio in Hamilton to tell her personal finance story.


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