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71 - Tom Drake

February 28th, 2019


Tom Drake is known as the godfather of Canadian personal finance bloggers.

In fact, Tom just hit his 10-year blogging anniversary this month, February 2019.

Originally Canadian Finance Blog, Tom rebranded to Maple Money and now even has a podcast called the Maple Money Show (I was on as a guest in November 2018).

Tom has created thousands of personal finance posts over the years and he did it all while working a full-time job during the week, at a company that he started with 18 years ago and still works at today.

If you’ve listened to the show, you’ve heard me talk about FinCon, North America’s largest personal finance conference. I did Episode 51 live from FinCon 2018 in Orlando. Well, Tom has been to every single FinCon since 2011, and I’m sure I will see him again this year in Washington, D.C.

Tom joined me from Calgary, Alberta to tell his personal finance story.


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