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28 - Shannon Lee Simmons

April 19th, 2018


Shannon Lee Simmons wants everyone to have access to unbiased and affordable financial advice.

In late 2010, frustrated that Bay street was only interested in clients that have tons of money, she left her high paying job to start the Barter Babes project. Shannon would offer her financial services in exchange for any good or service that she needed.

Over one year Shannon helped over 300 women and never once accepted cash for her services. Unable to go back to Bay street after that, Shannon realized her only option was to start the best fee-only financial planning firm in Canada.

She called it the New School of Finance and she never looked back.

When she's not helping people at the New School, you can find Shannon in just about every newspaper, and all over Canadian television, promoting her new book Worry-Free Money.

Shannon was nice enough to host me at the New School of Finance where we talked about her personal finance journey.

Shannon was also the first guest to agree to sing on the podcast! Look for that fun segment near the end of the episode.


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