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69 - Jason Butler

February 14th, 2019


Jason Butler wants you to know that you can still have fun and live your life while you are in debt.

Jason graduated from Savannah State University in 2008 with around $25,000 in debt, but due to a variety of factors, which we discuss in the interview, his debt increased to over $72,000 by 2015.

His most recent debt report from the end of December 2018 has his total debt down to just over $66,000.

In 2013 Jason started The Butler Journal, and starting blogging about his debt repayment and side hustles to help him become more accountable with his finances.

He decided he wouldn’t let this huge debt control his life. He would try his best to pay it down over time, but since he knew that would take a while, he made a point to try to enjoy his life as well.

In 2019 The Butler Journal rebranded as My Money Chronicles, and Jason is working on some great things for 2019 at

Jason has had a few setbacks over the years, but what I admire about him is that he keeps trying different side hustles, writing about them and helping others find ways to pay down their debts and make extra money with their own side hustles.

Jason is not alone with his large student debt. As of 2018, the total student debt amount in the US was $1.5 Trillion.

Jason joined me from Atlanta, Georgia to tell his personal finance story


70 - Michelle Hung

68 - Rubina Ahmed-Haq

February 7th, 2019


Rubina Ahmed-Haq wants you to know that personal finance can be exciting!

Rubina is a personal finance expert and has been a broadcast journalist for 20 years..

Rubina’s experience in broadcasting means that she has this ability to take dry financial topics and make them interesting.

20 years in broadcast journalism also means that Rubina has some very interesting stories, some of which you will hear in this interview.

Rubina did an excellent job as host of the Canadian Personal Finance Conference this past November and I’m excited to be helping her launch her new podcast called Dear Rubi. Head to for details on how you can be part of the podcast.

Rubina joined me in the studio in Hamilton to share her personal finance story.


69 - Jason Butler