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COVID-19 Weekly Update 5

April 26th, 2020


Week 5 of the COVID-19 series features Tom Drake from Alberta.  

Every week during the pandemic Beau will find someone in a different part of the world with a different personal pandemic experience to share their perspective and tell their story for others to hear. 

In this episode Tom shares his COVID-19 experience so far, which includes getting officially tested and having to isolate under quarantine law.  Tom and Beau also discuss investing during an economic recession like this and what to be careful of at a time when no one can predict how the economy will be affected and for how long.

COVID-19 Weekly Update 4

April 19th, 2020


Week 4 of the COVID-19 series features Jordon Cox of the UK.  Beau and Jordon discuss:

-Jordon's trip to Disneyworld that was cut short and for which he's still trying to get some money back

-His recent health issues and how that affects his susceptibility to the virus

-How the UK is handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the rules in place to protect the British people

-How 1/3 of the National Health Service (NHS) workers have been compromised by COVID-19 and the system is overwhelmed.

-How the pandemic has affected Jordon's ability to make money and what financial relief exists in the UK

-That a podcast host should never ask this question during a lockdown: "Where is your boyfriend now?"

-How the British people are excellent at queuing(standing in lines) which is very evident during a pandemic.

COVID-19 Weekly Update 3

April 12th, 2020


In the third weekly episode of the COVID-19 series, Beau calls Australia to speak to Michelle from to discuss:

  • How COVID-19 has affected her life so far

  • How Australia and New Zealand are handling the pandemic

  • How Michelle's personal finances have been impacted

  • Financial independence and frugality

  • The live event industry and how it has been decimated

  • The importance of staying positive and taking care of your mental health during times like this

  • Building other forms of capital other than financial capital to help you adapt to changes in the world or your circumstances


Links to things Michelle mentioned in the episode:

Rich & Resilient Living blog - Looking Beyond Financial Capital on the Path to Financial Independence

Nomad Numbers - Nomad life during COVID-19: exiting Bali and home quarantining in Taiwan

Website & social links:

Twitter @FrugalityFreedm

Instagram @FrugalityandFreedom

COVID-19 Weekly Update 2

April 5th, 2020


In the second weekly episode of the COVID-19 series, Beau talks about:

  • Emergency-fund shaming and how we're in survival mode now and there is no point in telling someone they should have had an emergency fund

  • Hopefully going through a pandemic without an emergency fund will give you the perspective to start saving once you have surplus income again

  • What if you are in a position where you have no surplus income so you can't build savings?

  • The dangers of relying on credit as your emergency fund

  • This new world of video and how we need to be patient with those who aren't familiar with new technology, and how to protect yourself from hacking with online passwords for video meetings.

  • How everyone's situation is different and we can't give blanket financial advice at a time like this, or ever, really.

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